14 Best Programming in Scratch Courses

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14 Best Programming in Scratch Courses

Programming is one of the most important skills of the 21st century that children can start learning, and as we know, young children can learn better, so they can learn a lot of things easily, such as spoken languages, as well as programming. Through Programming in Scratch Courses, children can make characters move and perform specific tasks, allowing them to solve problems, design projects, express themselves creatively, and use both mathematics and programming in a useful context.

Coding Although it’s hard to imagine that a little boy’s mind will absorb programming. Coding education for children has become a reality.

learning programming has a lot of benefits:

  • While programming is based on logic, it’s also a very creative activity, so if a child can learn programming, they can develop aNJpps, video games, websites and more.
  • Learning programming is a challenge, so addressing complex problems, and making mistakes along the way, teaches the child the skill of perseverance in meeting such challenges.

It is important that we should be educating our kids about coding at a young age so that they could easily understand and code on their own for creating new apps and websites.

Here are some of the best online coding classes for your kids

1- Learn Python Programming at Any Age. ( Udemy )

In this course, you will Code your own apps and games in Python 3.9 for Chromebook, PC, Mac, or Linux, from pre-K to college level, Create fun, playable games like War, Yahtzee, and Rock-Paper-Scissors.In this course, you will help you Draw colorful spirals and shapes with Turtle graphics in Python.

This is the kind, of course, you can enjoy with your kids! Packed with fun examples, colorful graphics, and easy-to-follow plain English instruction, Teach Your Kids to Code is the course parents and kids, teachers, and students can enjoy together, as they build one of the top job skills of the 21st century! Python is a great first language for beginners, but it’s powerful enough to be used in companies from Google to IBM.

Who this course is for:

For kids 8 and up (learn on your own), for teachers, or for parents working with children ages 4-12.

Perfect for homeschooling parents or K-12 parents and teachers who want to give their students a HUGE advantage by learning to read and write code.

Apps and games suitable for kids from Pre-K through College Freshmen.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

This course has been my favorite course ever. I really liked coding and I started out by learning scratch and I wanted to learn a programming language and I chose to do python. When I saw this course I could completely understand the video and it will be easy for you too. Thank You, Mr. Payne for this course! It is worth it!

2- Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch. ( Udemy )

The course is designed so that you create the games and applications with your own two hands, We learn to create animations and cool effects and we create clones of some of the most popular games.In this course, we’ll learn to code, starting from the basic blocks. No kidding! Scratch, the programming language we use (developed by MIT), is so fun that it makes programming seem like a game.

Who this course is for:

Children (from 7-8 years).

Absolute beginners in programming and computer science.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

I loved the course. Rather than the course, i loved the teacher. Daniel is pretty awesome and brought me into love with coding. But i will miss the teacher as he was always kind and responding to me whenever I asked any question. I wish to work at Apple Inc. I will never ever forget about Daniel. I will remember him until I die. But for now its a Good bye :’-)

3 – Programming in Scratch. ( edx )

This course is an introduction to computer science using the programming language Scratch, developed by MIT. Starting with the basics of using Scratch, the course will stretch your mind and challenge you. You will learn how to create amazing games, animated images, and songs in just minutes with a simple “drag and drop” interface.

Who this course is for:

Are suitable for all ages. It doesn’t matter how old you are…

4- Scratch Coding Course for Kids. ( The Shaw Academy )

In this course, you will begin to see how Scratch can let kids do whatever they want with just a few simple tricks and the right ideas. Learn programming for kids and discover how to create your own unique games. learn a lot about the coding essentials that are crucial to coders around the world.

Who this course is for:

+7 years

4.7 I purchased the Kids Coding Course for my 7 year old and he’s absolutely loving it. The webinars are very good, the course is structured well and really easy to use.

5 – Coding with Scratch and VEX Virtual Robotics. ( iD Tech )

In this course, you will design and animate sprites, programs using arithmetic operators. You will solve real-world-inspired problems with sensor data. Start your pathway to a lifelong journey of creative coding and design!

Who this course is for:

AGES : 7 – 9 Years

SKILL LEVEL : Beginner–Intermediate

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6- CodeMonkey :

CodeMonkey offers educational resources for students of different grades and experience levels. Students not only learn coding basics but also how to code in real programming languages. CodeMonkey covers text-based coding languages of CoffeeScript and Python.

The programming language used in Coding Adventure is called CoffeeScript. It’s a language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. 

CodeMonkey is for all ages! They offer a full curriculum for grades K-8. 

CodeWizardsHQ  BEST coding classes for kids

7-CodeWizardsHQ :

CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids. CodeWizardsHQ teach real-world skills, using real-world tools by pairing their proprietary coding platform with a gamified reward system and parental support so that kids and teens want to learn. With 24/7 support through free office hours and direct messaging, students are never far from help. Using their pro-level, kid-friendly coding platform, students will create working web pages and games and build a robust portfolio.

CodeWizardsHQ for kids and teens ages 8-18.

Best free & paid Coding programs Classes

8- Code.org :-

Launched in 2013, Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools.of the most popular websites that provides free online coding for kids is Code.org. Once you log in, you can find courses on building websites and games. The content includes the basics of programming as well as classes on coding actual apps and websites using various programming languages such as HTML

Ages : 4+

Tynker’s highly successful coding curriculum

9- Tynker

 Tynker’s highly successful coding curriculum has been used by one in three U.S. K-8 schools, 90,000 schools globally, and over 60 million kids across 150 countries.Tynker has made programming fun, exciting, and simple and will help lead kids into their future.Kids use visual blocks to create their own games. It also allows other functions such as modifying Minecraft, programming drones, and writing stories among others.

CodaKid is an online kids coding academy

10- codakid

CodaKid is an online kids coding academy and tech camp that teaches kids to create games, apps, and Minecraft mods using real programming languages and professional tools.CodaKid has two great ways to learn how to code: 1) Their self-paced online courses 2) Their private 1-on-1 online lessons

CodaKid’s self-paced online courses are great for self-starters and feature over 700 hours of student projects. CodaKid provides awesome support from a team of engineers and teachers to help you solve problems through chat or screen share if you ever get stuck or have questions.

11. Scratch: Programming for Kids ( edx )

EdX offers interacting, online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Online courses from MITx, HarvardX, Berkeley, ITx, and many other universities.

In a fun and interactive environment, learn the fundamentals of programming. Scratch allows you to create your own programs while learning how to write clear code.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn first concepts such as “if-then” statements and a loop
  • Variables & go in-depth on the concepts of repetition.
  •  algorithms & copying in Scratch
  •  (random) positioning

Duration : 8 weeks 3- 4 hours per week

Ages : 8+

12.Introduction to Programming 

It is an online programming course for kids and beginners of all ages to learn basic programming from the safety and comfort of their own homes using PictoBlox, a graphical programming software derived from Scratch.

Courses Outline

  • Logic Building
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Game Design
  • Conditional Statements
  • Variables
  • Sequence and Loops

Why this course?

Ages : 10+ Years

Price : Various

Frances Mitchell – May 20, 2020

A very good course. I have a new appreciation for Coding and Scratch (my son).

13.Build Your Own Game From Scratch

This Course, using the Scratch online program, teaches the fundamentals and design principles of coding in general. It is designed for students who have no previous computer science experience and want to learn how to code in a simple manner.

Courses Outline

  •  Introduction to Scratch
  •  Advanced Motion, Sound and Looks – Dance Off!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Event Blocks
  • Patterns and Loops
  • Conditionals and Checks – Catch the Apple Game

Ages : 5 – 17

Duration : 3 Months: 10 Hours + 2 Weeks

Price : Various

14. Basic Coding

Learn the basic skills of coding! Early elementary-aged students will learn the principles of coding through simple exercises, activities, and visuals.

Ages : Grade K-1

Duration : 12 sessions / 1 hour each

Price : $180 

one-on-one private lessons

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