Best Online English Courses WebSites

Best Online English Courses WebSites

In today’s international world, the importance of English can not be denied or unheeded as a result of English is that the most generally spoken universal language. Learning English necessitates consistent practice and patience. In addition to the approximately 400 million native speakers, English is understood and/or spoken by 1-1.6 billion people, depending on how you count. With the language spoken by more than a quarter of the world’s population, there is always someone to practice with, especially when traveling. English is also required in the field of education. Many countries teach and encourage children to learn English as a second language. Even if it is not an official language in the country. Many curriculums in the fields of science, engineering, and higher education are written in English. Because it is the dominant language in the sciences, the majority of research and studies in any given scientific field will also be written in it.

1.British Council

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. British Council courses are created by English language learning specialists. British Council has been teaching English for over 80 years. Teachers are highly trained and experienced professionals who bring energy and expertise to every class. Practical skills and interactive exercises are emphasized in classes. Each module is brought to life through activities, team projects, and high-quality materials based on real-world topics that children and teenagers are passionate about.

2.English for Kids(Udemy)

This course is for kids without any language skills, It is where English Club Global comes to play. Concentrating on what children are fond of, we bring in a series of world-class programs dedicated to improving kids’ English language. English Club Global is crammed with well-organized episodes focusing on learning English kids to sharpen their abstract thinking abilities, increase their word power and become more productive, both in the English language and daily activities.

3.Fredisa learns

If you’ve ever looked for Free English lessons and activities for your children, you’ve undoubtedly already come across this site.FredisaLearns is a product of Eduterials Limited, a Hong Kong based Education Company.used by millions of people across the global..

  •  There are fun English learning games for kids and learner-driven interactive tests for every lesson.
  • Every lesson features animated ESL videos to learn new words and grammar. 


Duolingo is one of the best free English learning. Duolingo Kids is a fun and effective new way for kids to learn languages! Free English courses for speakers of Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Begin at the most basic level and work your way up by taking tests. Short, game-like lessons allow you to practice vocabulary and grammar. You must sign up using an email address or a Facebook account.

5. All Right

All Right’s methodology is We don’t make children study. We make them fall in love with English.

If you want to improve your children’s English skills, this e-learning platform provides a variety of options to choose from. All Right is a platform for English online for kids from 4 years old. To help them become more confident in English speaking. For different ages and levels the opportunity to explore and experience the language with their classmates.


  • Play LEGO, talk about MINECRAFT, and read HARRY POTTER in class. Select topics based on the child’s interests.
  • The speaking club is open to all their schools’ students who want to practice spoken English in small groups.
  • Methodology is based on the Cambridge methodology.

Courses are specifically designed to suit children’s learning needs:

Сharlie Preschool
  • Understands spoken English, can communicate in simple sentences, and can talk about themselves.
  • Counts to ten, recognises colours, and can name body parts.
  • Knows over 60 new English words and expressions…….. READ MORE
Charlie Starter 1
  • Can read and write simple words.
  • In 3-4 sentences, describes an object or animal more confidently.
  • Learn over 100 new words and expressions, and master 12 vocabulary topics…. READ MORE
Charlie Starter 2
  • Understands the fundamental rules for reading basic letter combinations.
  • Knows over 180 new words and expressions.
  • Greets and introduces others…. READ MORE

Price and Duration : vary to course level.

Age :4+

You can take a look at the wide range of ALL RIGHT Courses.

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What a great teacher! My son is happy with the studies, learning lots of new words and expressions after each class! Ian always gives homework, focusing on the tricky moments they met during the class.



At break into English, they understand the needs of parents when looking for English classes for kids with a dynamic and engaging method. All of the native English teachers who teach kids at Break Into English are required to have prior extensive teaching experience with children before entering the training program.

  • All children’s courses include listening to stories and songs while improving their pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar .
  • Each lesson is followed by homework for the next time.
  • You can choose any duration, frequency, and schedule you like.
  • Choose the pack that best fits your financial needs, and in a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to begin English classes for your kids.
  • Keep in mind Break Into English offers FREE TRIAL LESSONS to all new students so that you can test our method before deciding if you want to sign up for more lessons.

Price: varies to course level.


We came to Break into Englisk to have a teacher with a perfect accent and we got this and so much more ! Many thanks to Leighanne, Richard and the whole team!”

7. Langaroo

On this platform, you will get Live online lessons with certified teachers. Your children will have the opportunity to interact with native English teachers from all over the world and practice different skills.

Three courses – each tailored to your child’s skill level

Natural language acquisition is divided into three stages: recognizing new sounds, understanding basic words, and sentences, and finally freely expressing yourself. Based on these stages,Langaroo levels combine repetition and practice to give children confidence throughout the learning process.

Price: varies to course level.

8. Vedantu Super Speaker

Non-native speakers of English often fear having difficulties communicating. Vedantu Super Speaker helps children speak English confidently, improve their public speaking skills, and better equip them to communicate their ideas. Learn Live Online! From India’s Best Teachers.

  • The classes are live, online, and in small groups of approximately six students.
  • Three classes per week are scheduled so that the child has enough time to absorb and practice what he/she has learned.

Ages: Grades 2-8

Price: Varied

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Do you want your children to be able to communicate in English quickly and easily? Then, NovaKid is the right place for you. It is designed for one-on-one classes with native speakers. Teachers track students’ results and adjust the course according to their progress.

  • Three times per week. It achieves better results without overburdening students or creating large gaps between classes.
  • Lessons with VR tours
  • In a virtual classroom, students and teachers interact. Colorful visual materials, interesting topics, interactive exercises, drawing, and so on.

Ages : 4-12 years old

Price: Various For Level

Offer up to 20% discount if 3 of your kids study with NOVAKID!

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