Best Websites For Kids to Learn JavaScript

Best Websites For Kids to Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is no longer a science for the elite in today’s world of fast-growing technology. It has become a necessary skill for both adults and children to master. 

Teaching children fundamental programming skills, especially at a young age, opens up a world of possibilities to flourish and achieve. Learning JavaScript engages children’s minds in critical thinking and prepares them for a future that is becoming increasingly tech-driven. 

We help you to find the best websites for your kids to learn JavaScript.

1- Coder Kids

Coder Kids is a great startup that provides coding lessons and camps for children of all ages online, in-person, and on-demand. Introduction to Scratch Coding, a free on-demand curriculum, is a great method for kids to get started with coding!

They provide a free online program called Introduction to Scratch Coding. In the program, Coder Kids will take children through creating a Scratch account and learning the fundamentals of Scratch. 

Once students are comfortable with the fundamentals and the Scratch interface, they will progress to learning JavaScript. This course covers the fundamentals of Scratch coding in a fun way, ensuring that children have a solid foundation. To top it all off, they’ll get to finish the Pokemon in Space project! 


Code Combat, which combines the worlds of text-based coding and RPG gaming, provides a highly immersive learning experience through a fun game that can be accessed from any browser. 

The goal is to give your character the right set of orders to complete missions by completing mazes, riddles, and other activities. 

Code Combat’s free edition gives an in-depth introduction to computer coding science. It has 39 levels and teaches children fundamental syntax, parameters, strings, arguments, loops, and variables. 

Following that, you may go to more complex modules, such as web development and game creation, by purchasing their premium versions. 

Code Combat uses a text editor to display actual coding syntax, allowing children to become familiar with JavaScript and other languages.

3. LightBot

If you’re searching for a fun yet straightforward way to get your kids into JavaScript while being as flexible as possible, LightBot could be precisely what you’re looking for. 

It’s an app-based experience that appears to be suitable for people of all ages due to its engaging and fun idea. It was created by genuine coders who understand which coding elements are appropriate for students of all ages to master. 

This puzzle game enhances children’s problem-solving skills by requiring them to know how to code. The beauty of this fascinating logic game is that you may easily forget it’s intended to be an educational platform. 

In addition to sequencing and processes, LightBot also teaches conditionals and recursive looping. It may be downloaded through the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Amazon Apps. 


Code Monkey is a great website to learn JavaScript for kids with a fantastic program that provides free coding courses for kids. 

Aside from having a catchy name, this web-based business promotes coding education to youngsters through the dynamic atmosphere of online gaming. 

The overall goal of Code Monkey is for the user to assist a monkey in obtaining bananas. The user must complete a series of activities and difficulties to code the monkey towards the bananas correctly. 

By the time the players finish the game, they should have acquired the necessary abilities to enter the world of game creation and begin creating their own. 

Code Monkey is a text-based editor that allows users to code and create games in JavaScript. This language also makes it easier for youngsters to learn JavaScript when they grow more interested in coding.