Online Chinese Courses For Kids

Online Chinese Courses For Kids

Chinese language learning is more effective when it is done as a young child rather than a teenager. An adult will take much longer to pick up Chinese tones and become fluent in the language than a child. Your kid can learn Mandarin in the comfort of your home with the world’s most experienced Chinese language teachers at an affordable price with online classes.

1. 8-week Mandarin Chinese beginner course

It is for kids who have never studied Chinese before and cannot read Chinese characters or Pinyin. It introduces Chinese characters in Pinyin and basic strokes. The students will learn basic daily vocabulary and short sentences such as greetings, self-introductions, ages, colors, numbers, animals, fruits, etc. To make class fun and effective, they will use fun pictures, physical goods, and games.

Playing tic-tac-toe games to reinforce memorizing Chinese numbers and colors; threw a softball in the air and caught it while counting 0-100 and learning colors in Chinese. Translating animal names into simple Chinese sentences, etc.

For : 8-12-year-olds

Duration: 45 minutes per class (Once per week over 8-weeks)

Price: $256 total ($32 per class per learner)

2. Panda Tree

It is an online language school that offers Spanish and Mandarin Chinese instruction for children aged two to seventeen. Mandarin Chinese courses are offered in around four different formats:

-Chinese for Preschoolers (2-6 year kid)

-Beginner Chinese (6-12)

-Intermediate Chinese (8-15)

-Advanced Placement (15-17)

Lessons are tailored to each student since they are one-to-one. Each tutor is natively fluent and has experience tutoring children. By reading the profiles of the tutors, you can decide what is best for your child. Along with tutoring, PandaTree also has a Kid Hub with learning videos, games, vocabulary practice and stories.

After every session, the tutor will send you an email to keep you informed of your child’s progress. You can also check a video recording of the lesson your child attended.

Price with duration; 25 minutes/$20-$25

                            50 minutes/$36-$45

3. Preply

Every budget is catered for at preply. If you’re interested in learning Chinese, then you’ll find more than 2,000 tutors available to assist you.

The long list of tutors can be filtered by price per hour, specialization, and background. You can also look only at Chinese native speakers’ profiles and read reviews that previous students have left about them. Due to many tutors and their worldwide location, finding a tutor whenever you need one is easy.

Preply is an online platform allowing users to video chat, text message, and download study materials. A solid tutoring service with many options is Preply.

Price per hour: $11-$40 (with free trial offer)

4. Dinolingo

After watching the animation-filled Chinese lessons filled with surprises and repetitions, children will start learning Chinese the very first time. DinoLingo’s Chinese learning lessons make learning Chinese for kids easy.

Children learning Chinese will benefit from their Chinese book collection. You can choose from hundreds of Chinese books for kids ranging from Chinese alphabets to Chinese Mandarin for beginners, short stories, fairy tales, and basic picture books for beginners and advanced Chinese language learners.

Price: $19.99/ month

5. Lingo bus

The Lingo Bus prepares students for today’s world, helping them become more confident in speaking Chinese. The transdisciplinary themes that advance in sophistication with each level enhance students’ Chinese transfer knowledge and develop their critical thinking skills.

Among the most responsive to second language education are children aged 5 to 12. To satisfy the needs of these ages offers 100% immersive content. They are using this immersion method, as well as our online platform for one-on-one Chinese tutoring.

-It is designed for new beginners to intermediate-level speakers

-Build vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and common sentence structures

-Lessons are associated with ACTFL and YCT standards

-Students can build conversational skills and listening comprehension.

Price: varies to course level.

6.YCT Chinese (Eliet)

EliteKid is a joint effort between Elite Linguistic Network and 51Kid. Together, EliteKid represented considerable authority in giving quality and powerful online Chinese exercises in both balanced and one-to-numerous modes.EliteKid is reasonable for ALL children ( 5-12 years) from various languages and family foundations.Three significant lines of orderly development courses cover various requests and age group.

Systematic & fun online Chinese course for non-Chinese Kids

  • EliteKid design this course on the basis of conversational Chinese.
  • This course configuration adjusts to see, learning, practice, test, and assessment, and makes up of a total and shut learning circle.

“The materials that teacher used for teaching was interesting for the kids.

Teacher was kind and interacted with all of kids during the class. The kids enjoyed the lesson and no pressure when teacher asked the questions.”

– Mdm Yu, mum of Annabelle (7 years old)

7.Linda Mandren

Linda Mandarin designs a holistic academic & conversational teaching system for kids taking Chinese as a second language.

At Linda Mandarin
  • an Accredited Chinese course syllabus was produced and imported from professional agencies in China.
  • online Chinese Mandarin Classes
  • Double learning support – other than the coursebook, an electronic copy of the workbook will be provided to have more practice. Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & workbook, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. 
Course levels: 
  • Mandarin Play Lessons (1 to 4 years old)
  • Lessons for kids (5 to 10 years old)
  • For Children or Teenagers (11 to 18 years old)


Dudu is an online environment for self-paced and personalised learning of the Chinese language for children 6 and above. Dudu is an adaptive Chinese reading programme that recommends eBooks according to each student’s reading ability, in order to allow the student to improve his/her command of the Chinese language through reading. Reading is the fastest way to learn Chinese!

  • More than 600 interactive books are available in Dudu now.
  • One Month Free Trial.

Both Gordon and Brandon do not have general interest in reading, especially Chinese books, since young. My husband and I would try to borrow books from the library occasionally but the boys hardly completed the books as the content were too heavy for them to comprehend and enjoy on their own if we were unable to set aside time to read with them.

A close friend had recommended Dudu to us during last school holidays and we decided to give it a try for both boys. Despite their relative short period of usage (less than 3 months), I observed the boys were doing more regular reading as they were able to make good progress on the interactive ebooks on their own. The key highlight of Dudu is the Placement Test which will assess the children’s Chinese reading level upon first login and then recommend appropriate books based on their language ability. The audio narration and dictionary are useful features which give them the confidence to approach any challenging words in the ebooks and building up their vocabulary bank.

With the positive reading experience and progress made by my 2 boys, I’ll strongly recommend Dudu to any parent who is exploring for good and interesting online reading programme for their children.