Scratch Coding Classes & Courses For Kids

Scratch Coding Classes & Courses For Kids

Scratch is a visual programming language designed to foster logical thinking and creativity in kids.

While any age is good when it comes to learning this language, kids are ideal recipients for it.By teaching them how to use Scratch, you can help them to solve problem and situations of all kinds in a structured and logical way.

Following are some of the popular courses for kids that will help your kids learn the basics of Scratch coding


1.Coding Basics: Learn Scratch from Scratch

This course is suitable for kids that are particularly curious about game development. With this course, kids can practice coding skills and logic via basic building blocks to create projects that are shareable with virtually everyone. Kids can quickly learn the basics of this visual programming language and then apply their understanding via Scratch coding to make short animations, apps for video games, digital cards, and more. This course is ideal for students looking for an introduction to Scratch.

Duration: 12 1-hours sessions, 2 classes per week.

2.Coding Kids: Scratch Jr

This course aims to teach kids the basics of Scratch coding. Students will learn how to code, creativity, and problem-solving, in order to be future-ready. The course allows kids to learn to code while expressing themselves on the computer, in addition to developing critical project management and problem-solving skills. After completing this code, students will be able to create their own stories, games, and animations. The course also introduces various concepts and practices while exposing young coders to many tools and blocks at the same time.

Duration: 8 1-hour sessions, 2 classes per week.

3.Codakid: Scratch Coding Courses

Codakid is a popular e-learning platform that has a wide range of tutorials and courses to teach coding basics to students. The platform offers a solid foundation to young learners who are new to game designing and coding. It has a number of different courses for Scratch visual programming language. Some of the popular ones include Scratch Racing, Scratch Flappy Bat, Scratch Hockey, and more. During the video classes, students gain constant assistance from instructors, who keep them motivated through various activities.

Duration: Self-Paced

4.Code Advantage: Scratch

CodeAdvantage’s Scratch course is one of the best online courses available for kids. With this course, students can learn the basic coding concepts by creating computer games and animations with interactive characters. The course covers two versions of Scratch: Action Scratch and Super Scratch. While learning both these versions, kids will be able to use building blocks of code to create various adventures with games, storytelling, and animations.

Designed for grade 3-5 students

Duration: Self-Paced


Scratch classes of CodeWizardsHQ are an exciting and fun way to build a foundation of skills that prepares kids for text-based programming. These classes let kids’ creativity run wild while providing fundamental structure to their coding journey. There are several Scratch courses, but it is recommended to start with their Animation and Interactive Games course, where kids learn coding concepts and build engaging projects that inspire a passion for programming. They will get to build interactive games, create animations, and develop critical problem-solving and thinking skills at the same time.

Duration: 12 weeks, 1 session per week

For learning purposes, all these Scratch courses have particular merit because a student can focus on the problem at hand without worrying about typing lines of code.