Top Sites To Learn Crochet For Kids

Crochet is a fun and creative activity for children. Crochet can start at the early age of three years. There are plenty of reasons to teach children to crochet!

  • Crochet is a calming activity that reduces tension.
  • Enhance of self-confidence, especially after complete the project and seeing tangible results.
  • Crochet helps develop skills such as Math and problem-solving ability.

If you don’t know where your kids learn crochet ! Here Are The Best Sites To Start.

1.Skill Share

Beginning Crochet for Kids (and Adults!)

In this Course, you’ll learn the basics of crochet with fingers and hook knitting. Crochet is suitable for children and adults alike.

You Will Learn HOW TO

  • Choose Yarn
  • Slipknot
  • Finger Crochet
  •  End Your Finger Crochet
  •  Crochet With a Hook

This was a great class for both me and my elementary school aged students to learn crochet! My kids loved the fun, helpful ways Kendra explained crochet techniques!

  • Age : 3+
  • pricing : Free For Month

2.Crafty Home School Mom

Through this course, children can learn how to hold a hook and yarn, chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and follow basic patterns. Your child will learn four different stitches and how to use them to create beautiful art.

  • Duration: six weeks long, with five lessons per week.
  • Pricing : Paid

3.Bella Coco Crochet (Teach Your Kid To Crochet  )

If you want to know everything about crochet and its tools and how to start learning it, then this site is your right choice, as it is full of everything you need in terms of books, patterns, and many crochets projects.

  • Free Videos + Written Tutorials
  • Free Pattrens
  • Pricing : Limited free access. Monthly subscription